Earn while using the Masking Master!

Welcome to our UGC portal, where your craft meets opportunity. Go to the job site, capture our tool while using it and drop it in the box. With Masking Master, it's that simple!

  • Easy as Paint: No targets, no pressure—just pure creativity. Whenever inspiration strikes, shoot your video and drop it into your dedicated DropBox directory.
  • Earn As You Create: Every clip you share is a chance to earn. The more vibrant and high-quality your content, the higher the likelihood we'll feature it. And when we do? Cha-ching! You get paid.

Join our UGC community now, let your creativity flow, and watch opportunities unfold. Ready to make your mark with Masking Master? Let's get started!

Footage Submission Requirements

To ensure that your creative submissions meet the high standards of the Masking Master community and have the chance to be showcased, please adhere to the following guidelines for your footage:

  • Resolution: Crisp and clear is the way to go! We require a minimum resolution of 1080p, but we'd love it if you could ramp it up to 4K. This helps to ensure that your work looks stunning across all platforms. We also need the footage to be in portrait (9:16) mode!
  • Video Format: Upload your content only in MOV or MP4/M4V format.
  • Lighting: Set the stage for your masterpiece! Ensure your space is well-lit, avoiding overly dark environments that might conceal the details of your craftsmanship. A well-lit setting makes all the difference.
  • Branding: Let the Masking Master logo shine! We ask that the Masking Master logo is clearly visible for at least 2-3 seconds in your video. This helps to keep our brand front and center.
  • Avoid Competing Brands: Keep it exclusive! Please avoid displaying other brands, especially on products like paint buckets, tape, or any other tools in your footage. We want the spotlight to be on the Masking Master, without distractions.
  • PayPal account: In order for us to pay you for the content we use, we need a PayPay account to transact the money. This is to simplify transactions.

Remember, authenticity is key! We're not looking for a commercial; we want to see the Masking Master in action, in your hands, as part of your daily routine. Just use it as you normally would—your genuine experience is the best endorsement. Can't wait to see what you create!

UGC Payment Process

Here's how we honor your creative contributions through our payment process:

  1. Our team carefully selects the finest footage and prepares it for the spotlight, ensuring your work is showcased in the best light across our platforms.
  2. We integrate your content into our marketing narratives, where it helps to paint the story of Masking Master and its community of skilled painters.
  3. At month's end, we tally up each creator's contributions and craft a detailed statement. This overview is then sent to your designated email, illuminating the value of your shared works. We pay a one time fee of €50 per clip that we use in our videos.
  4. You respond to our statement with an invoice matching the amount listed – VAT included if applicable. This step applies to all our creators, individuals and companies alike.
  5. Upon receipt of your invoice, we promptly process payment, completing the cycle of creativity and compensation that fuels the Masking Master community.

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We just use geolocation and traffic data, so that we can adjust our website to your needs. All data is anonymously stored and analyzed. Read more about is in our Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies to optimize your experience.

We just use geolocation and traffic data, so that we can adjust our website to your needs. All data is anonymously stored and analyzed. Read more about is in our Privacy Policy