The 1mm Secret

How 1mm Makes All the Difference in Painting

Are you ready to embrace a professional painting secret that has long been kept under wraps? An intriguing detail as tiny as 1mm can make all the difference between a good paint job and a perfect one. We’re unveiling this secret in this article. From now on you will make any trim, skirting, ceiling, window frame, door frame or wall perfect – welcome to the world of the 1mm difference and perfectly straight lines!

0 mm distancing

masking by hand

The left side spotlights the traditional hand-masking technique applied directly onto the top edge of the baseboard, with zero allowance for deviations. Surface inconsistencies in the wall create a gap between the wall and the baseboard, a space which the hand-applied masking tape fails to cover effectively.

1 mm distancing

with the Masking Master

On the right, it displays the innovative use of the Masking Master tool. It ensures a precise 1mm distance from the top edge of the baseboard, accounting for the wall’s surface inconsistencies and effectively covering the gap between the baseboard and the wall.

The Power of Precision

In the world of painting, precision is key. Even a small 1mm deviation can drastically alter the end result. When applying masking tape, it is this minute precision that can make the difference between neat, straight lines and visibly uneven edges. This secret of the professionals, now revealed to you, can elevate your painting projects to new levels of excellence.

The Magic of Masking Master

Harnessing the power of precision is made effortless with the Masking Master. This handy tool empowers painters, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, to apply any painters tape up to 25mm (1 inch) with perfect alignment and exact length. The result is a painting process that’s five times faster, with a flawless finish once the painters tape is removed.

The Visibility of Deviations

Our eyes are exceptionally good at detecting even minor deviations. While attempting to apply the masking tape at “zero” mm, any deviation is highly visible due to its large percentage relative to the intended target. However, small deviations relative to 1mm are less noticeable due to their smaller percentage. This factor makes the 1mm secret the key to achieving an end result that is more pleasing to the eye.

Embrace the 1mm secret and take control of your DIY projects. Let the Masking Master be your guide to achieving professional-grade results in every paint job. Say goodbye to deviations, gaps, and cracks, and hello to straight lines, seamless transitions, and aesthetic perfection.

0 mm distancing

On the left, we observe the painting of a window frame executed with a 0mm distance, leaving no space between the masking tape and the edge of the window glass. When subjected to a simulated rain scenario, water intrusion is visible as it seeps in between the glass and the frame. This demonstrates the shortcomings of the 0mm distance approach, as it lacks an effective barrier to prevent water from seeping through and potentially causing wood rot and paint degradation over time.

1 mm distancing

The right side of the split screen showcases the effectiveness of painting a window frame with a 1mm paint distance onto the window glass itself. In the simulated rain test, this method proves superior as it prevents water intrusion between the frame and glass. Instead of seeping in, the water flows down the glass without infiltrating the painted frame. This 1mm paint buffer on the glass itself provides enhanced protection against the elements, helping maintain the paint’s quality and the overall structural integrity of the window frame.

Beyond Aesthetics:
The Protective Power of Paint

Beyond giving your space a visual uplift, paint also serves as a protective layer for various surfaces. When correctly applied, it shields against harmful elements such as sunlight, UV radiation, air pollution, and moisture. This protection is especially crucial in areas exposed to constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity, such as window seals and wooden structures.

Protection from Sunlight (UV-radiation)

Paint serves as a barrier that protects wooden structures and seals from harmful UV radiation. By extending the coating up to 1mm or more onto the glass, it ensures that every part of the window is fully shielded from the sun, slowing down the aging process.

Protection against Moisture

Over time, exposure to various elements can cause visible and invisible cracks on materials around your house, including wood and seals. These cracks, if left unprotected, can allow moisture to penetrate and cause damage. By extending the protective coating (e.g., paint) up to 1mm or more onto the glass, it ensures these cracks are filled and sealed, offering 100% protection against moisture.

The Visual Aspect

In the world of painting and decorating, achieving aesthetic perfection is often a matter of mastering the fine details. Chief among these is the creation of clean, precise lines that can greatly enhance the overall visual harmony of a space. The ‘1mm secret’ offers an effective strategy for managing these precision-driven tasks, and it is further complemented by the use of innovative accessories like the Spacer 3mm and Spacer 5mm that come with the Masking Master tool.

This method involves using the Masking Master tool to position painters tape 1mm away from the intended boundary, be it a wall, skirting, or window frame. When there are larger gaps or when applying sealant before painting, the Spacer 3mm or Spacer 5mm can be used to create a larger distance. This provides ample room for the sealant, ensuring a smooth, seamless appearance once painted over. The end result is a neat, professional finish with sharp, straight lines and immaculate transitions, which greatly enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, achieving visual excellence in painting is not just about the broad strokes, but also about the attention to the smallest of details. Techniques such as the ‘1mm secret’, along with tools like the Masking Master and its handy accessories, can make a significant impact. They transform the daunting task of achieving sharp lines and perfect transitions into a manageable process. Remember, every millimeter counts in this art. Armed with the right techniques, you can transform any space into a harmonious masterpiece, ensuring complete satisfaction with the final result and leaving no room for disappointment.


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This website uses cookies to optimize your experience.

We just use geolocation and traffic data, so that we can adjust our website to your needs. All data is anonymously stored and analyzed. Read more about is in our Privacy Policy