4x Color Trends for 2024

From Bold to Earthy Neutrals

As we bid farewell to the cold days and getting ready for the refreshing energy of spring, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate our homes for a splendid summer time. The decorating and paint trends for 2024 present two distinct groups: the bold and bright, and the tranquil earthy neutrals. This year, the spotlight shines on fruity plum and berry shades when it comes to bolds, infusing rooms with drama and vibrancy. Simultaneously, the palette softens to embrace the subtle hues of nature for those who prefer to keep things neutral—think mushroom, dried grass, cloud, and seafoam, offering a touch of serenity, warmth, and freshness to your living spaces.

As we get started on our spring refresh, let’s explore the possibilities these 4 color trends offer, transforming our homes in anticipation of another unforgettable summer. From the depths of bold damson to the calming effect of earthy neutrals, 2024 promises a palette that caters to every aesthetic preference, inviting us to reimagine our spaces in anticipation of the brighter days to come.

1. Damson hue - accent walls

The first trend that demands our attention is the resurgence of “Damson hues“. This rich, regal shade of purple, with its deep plum and burgundy undertones, brings an atmosphere of luxury and comfort to any space. Ideal for an accent wall, Damson adds depth and sophistication, instantly elevating the room’s aesthetic. Its timeless appeal, reminiscent of the Renaissance period, offers a cozy vibe perfect for bedrooms and living rooms alike. Combining Damson with soft sage greens, sandy beige, or even a lighter shade of itself, introduces a harmonious balance that’s both mature and stylish.

Color combinations

Main Color - Damson Hue
Combi 1 - Sandy Beige
Combi 2 - Sage Green
Combi 3 - Peach Blossom

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2. Bright "Peach Fuzz"

For those seeking a lighter, more vibrant alternative, “Peach Fuzz” emerges as a warm and cozy peach shade that establishes a sunnier, playful trend. This hue reflects our collective desire for emotional nourishment and simplicity, making it ideal for spaces that crave a sense of optimism and solace. Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024, Peach Fuzz, radiates warmth and modern elegance, bridging the gap between the youthful and the timeless with its compassionate and embracing nature.

Color combinations

Main Color - Peach Fuzz
Combi 1 - Honey Peach

3. Earthy Neutrals

Moving away from the starkness of white walls, the trend towards earthy neutrals brings warmth and depth to interiors. Shades of light beige, French Gray, and a variety of green-toned neutrals are replacing bland whites with their soft, warm embrace. This shift towards cozy, lived-in spaces signifies a move towards minimalism that’s warm, luxurious, and understated, promoting a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Earthy Color Tones

Sandy Beige
Dirty Chai

4. Color Drenching

Stepping beyond the concept of an accent wall, color drenching invites us to immerse our spaces in rich, monochromatic hues. This trend, gaining mainstream popularity in 2024, involves painting walls, ceilings, architraves, doors, and even cabinetry in the same shade, creating a stunning, enveloping effect. Ideal for creating cozy living spaces or making small rooms appear larger, color drenching replaces feature walls as the go-to for making bold statements in interior design.


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This website uses cookies to optimize your experience.

We just use geolocation and traffic data, so that we can adjust our website to your needs. All data is anonymously stored and analyzed. Read more about is in our Privacy Policy